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Businesses and their staff are looking for access to data, applications, and e-mails anytime, anywhere. An immediate response is often required and can make or break a deal. Up4Business365 brings you the mobility and flexibility that any business needs allowing you to work from any mobile device, iPad, iPhone, android etc. with all the access you have come to expect from your laptop.

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up4business365 cloud

Up4business365 cloud services

With these cloud applications, we offer you not only all the Microsoft services in the Up4Business365 can also be bundled with many more could applications specific to your business. Other applications that can be added are Hosted Exchange 2013, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 & 2013,  Windows Web Hosting, Cloud Storage, Microsoft MailArchiving, StopTheHacker, RapidSSL and Comodo cloud security certificates.

* Microsoft License required for Microsoft Office applications.






Up4Business365 cloud is a solution that allows you to access a collection of cloud applications from a user-friendly single sign-on interface.

Up4Business 365 Cloud

Up4Business Cloud



Your Business is immediately provided with two important capabilities; mobility and flexibility. Get full access to email, agenda, task lists and documents, all from one hosted cloud desktop.The Up4Business365 suite cab be accessed by any normal browser and does not require additional software to be installed.

Behind Up4Business365 stands an industry leading hosting and provisioning platform that gives your technical administrators and staff access to all the important features to maintain your website including an anti-sparm/ antivirus solution, a mail environment and access to many more cloud applications.

Up4B365 Benefits


Up4Business365 cloud services offer a centralized gateway to cloud services in a user- friendly and commercially focused environment. It integrates webhosting tools, e-mail management and all other multi-tenant capable cloud services in a user interface that is revolutionizing the industry.

The SMEs working environment is becoming more productive and this has brought the need for improvements to flexibility, mobility and usability. Workspace control, choosing which applications to use, bringing on device to work (BYOD) require technology that enables staff to work anywhere at anytime. These requirements are met with cloud applications and Up4Business365 Cloud Services the perfect solution to provision these services, automated and fast.



• Drives cloud adoption amongst individuals
• User-friendly and adaptable control panels
• Single sign-on for administrators and end-users
• Fully customizable
• Easy access to applications from multiple devices
• Integrates with existing apps enhanced user-interface