Automated email security provisioning!
SpamExperts provides webhosts plugins for all major control-panels to fully automate and integrate email security with their webhosting environment. Be it with a standard plugins for any of the major hosting control-panels and online collaboration suites such as cPanel, Parallels systems, DirectAdmin, ISPsystem, OpenXchange etc, or through a custom integration with an extensive and well documented API, customers no longer need to manually provision email security.

Dual deployment options!
SpamExperts offers a highly redundant Hosted Cloud solution or a Local Cloud solution directly deployed on the customer’s (virtual) hardware, which is fully scalable, synchronized, and redundantly set-up.

Intuitive features!
Our systems work out of the box and come with a user-friendly GUI which has different levels (admin, domain, email-address level). New release cycles and friendly support! SpamExperts offers weekly release-cycles along with a highly valued support team with an awesome response time.

Unlimited users!

SpamExperts offers domain-based pricing, with unlimited users and mailboxes.

Secure IT Network
Spam, Virus, Phishing, Spyware, Malware Filter – SpamExperts solutions protect the client’s network against all email based security threats by applying its proprietary self-learning smart technologies to filter all incoming email, eliminating spam before it reaches the network. What’s more, SpamExperts outgoing filtering systems secure all IP ranges from blacklisting and save the network reputation, while SpamExperts email archiving secures email back-up for compliance reasons.

Regain Productivity
Massive productivity gains – Implementing the SpamExperts professional email security solutions will result in a secure business email platform. Moreover, employees will not have to deal with daily spam messages anymore and will save valuable time to focus on what they are good at: growing their business!

Secure Email Continuity
Queuing – SpamExperts delivery queuing adds an extra redundancy level when the destination server cannot be reached. Queued messages are pushed to the destination mail server when reachable again, preventing email from being lost or bounced back to the sender. Queued email can be accessed and read via the web-based interface.

  • Never loose good email
  • Retain email traffic forever
  • Cut costs

*SpamExperts services (Inbound Filtering, Outbound Filtering) can be sold individually or as add-ons to webhosting   packages.

*Included in Up4Business365 and Hosted Exchange 2013.


End-customers are nowadays demanding enterprise-class email security, as the surge of spam and related threats are constantly congesting their inboxes. SpamExperts offers complete peace of mind by offering redundant, and fully managed email security systems, available in the cloud or on-premises.

By using Up4Business SpamExperts systems, you remain in full control of your solutions, we take care of managing your email security problems, securing your network and archiving your email.

The key services include incoming filtering for spam/virus, outgoing filtering for IP reputation.


SpamExperts is the preferred email security solutions provider for webhosts/ ISP/ Telco or IT-providers and enterprises. SpamExperts is focusing on understanding clients’ business and email-security needs, developing its products directly based on customer feed-back.

The deployment of SpamExperts has led to cost -and time-effective benefits. Up4Business is currently email security optimized, as the SpamExperts solution is getting nearly 100% of incoming filtering accuracy with nearly zero false-positives. In addition, less time is spent on the tuning of the spam filters, as SpamExperts unique, self-learning filtering mechanisms quickly understand emailing behaviours.